The TECNAVAL S.r.l. at the service of its clients the knowledge and skills acquired in about twenty years. It carries out its activities in the industrial area of Taranto in a strategic position close to the iron center and trading port, occupying a total area of about 25,000 square meters, of which 5,000 are covered. Tecnaval - Rulli in poliuretano (lavorazione romboidale)Our company specializes in the manufacture of rubber products, polyurethane and the like, to obtain coatings by high wear resistance characteristics generated by both chemical components from shock and fatigue stress different. We guarantee high quality standards in the creation of moldings and coatings elastomer rubber, supported by presses size 1000×1200 and 1200×1600, and certify through accredited bodies (ICIM), all of our production to customer’s request. We also specialize in the construction and coating with various rubber compounds and polyurethane, drums and rollers for conveyor belts, rollers pickling, transport rollers for sheet, plate coating silos and hoppers, sheet metal sieves. We offer non-toxic and non-allergenic polyurethane manufactured for use in the food industry. Our staff is highly trained, uses the latest equipment: lathes of various sizes up to 2500 diameter, CNC milling machines, vertical and radial drilling machines of various sizes, calenders, shears, bending machines, mixers, autoclaves, power for blasting and paint, flame cutting and pantographs. Tecnaval - Trasporto rulli e tamburiFor transport activities we have cranes from 9 to 60 tons, SkyWork up to 60 meters, trucks and articulated platforms with up to 12 meters. Our high volume production capacity highly proven, the experience of our engineers have made us become a point of reference for our valued customers, first of all ILVA S.P.A., ENEL PRODUZIONE S.P.A., DANIELI S.P.A., RULLI RULMECA S.P.A.